“We looked at one nursing home in town and they said if my mother ever went on Medicaid, she’d lose her private room and have to share a room. That would have been unacceptable. I’m so glad we found Orchard Park Assisted Living.”


  • Daughter of a current resident

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The cost of assisted living matters


When Virgil and Jan Carner founded Orchard Park Assisted Living, it was to provide the best medical and daily living care with the same love and tenderness that family member would provide. Today, assisted living facilities and nursing homes everywhere are adding resort-style amenities and gourmet chefs. Those things are nice . . . but they come at a price.


“We saw all those fancy places when we were looking for a nursing home for my mom. She didn’t want any of that stuff. She just wanted to keep being who she was. Orchard Park was nice and low-key. It just fit her personality”

Son of a current resident


 At Orchard Park Assisted Living, we put all our energy and resources into what matters – the best care, a home-like setting, delicious comfort food and the pastimes that our residents love most. By keeping our focus on what’s most important, we can offer a cost of care that’s more affordable to residents who care about preserving their nest egg and making it last as long as possible.


What the cost of assisted living does to a $350,000 nest egg


Whether your loved one’s assets come from a retirement or pension fund or are from the sale of the family home, making those hard-earned dollars last is important to them. Look how even a small difference in monthly cost can have a massive impact on the savings that took a lifetime to build.


According to SeniorLiving.com, the average per-month cost of assisted living in Lincoln, NE is $4,200. How many more years can your loved one enjoy high quality care if they can pay less?


The chart (left) shows the per-month cost at Orchard Park Assisted Living in a small private room with a moderate level of care (Level 2) and medication administration twice per day against the average per-month cost. In the average-priced assisted living, your loved one will run out of money between years 6 and 7. At Orchard Park, your loved one will be able to stay through year 9. That’s up to three more years of high-quality care, comfort and familiarity.


What happens when the savings are gone?


The staff at Orchard Park Assisted Living will help you and your loved one secure Medicaid funding. And don’t worry . . . the quality of care and the accommodations will stay just the same.


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